Five Card Story: Down the Rabbit Hole

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1: Down the Rabbit Hole

We never should have gone into the old church at the edge of the graveyard. The roof had caved in years ago and the remains of the old sanctuary were cordoned off and condemned.

"It'll be really cool," said Christine, "I bet there are all these crumbling old statues and vines growing over the altar...We'll get the most amazing pictures for our Flickr project."

"The building's not exactly stable," I said hesitantly.

"But everything that could possibly collapse already has. The ceiling's down, the walls are down - what's left to fall on us?"

No one had told us about the catacombs...

Luckily, the fall through the floor was a short one, and we landed unhurt.

"Do you think we can climb back up?" she asked, surveying the vines hanging through the hole above our heads.

"I don't know," I said, "What if more of the floor gives way? We could be crushed by the falling rocks."

"What does a church this side need with a basement anyway?"

"It's not a basement," I said, "It's a tomb."

There was enough light streaming in from the opening above us to see that the walls were lined with mournful stone statues and niches that doubtless contained the bones of long-dead parishioners. I shivered while examining a particularly poignant stone visage.

"Emily," said Christine, "I thing there's a tunnel over here."

We stared into its depths, fearful of trying to navigate it armed with only the tiny LED light on my key-chain. But what else was there to do? There was no one around to hear our cries for help, and both our cell phones had no service in the tomb.

Of what happened later, of our weird trip through the caverns, the eldritch voices that follwed us through the caves, of the terrifying glimpses of the glowing - monster? - god? - that chased us, of everything, in short, that happened from the moment we entered the darkness until we finally emerged into the sunlit woods at the end of the tunnel, we have (by mutual consent) never spoken. There are things that defy language to convey.

Nevertheless, I feel we both learned a valuable lesson that day: Never go spelunking in Innsmouth

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