Five Card Story: The great race

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It was the day before the Third Annual Driveathon, the biggest cross country car race, and Tim the turtle was without a partner or even a car. Tim was very nervous so he asked his human owner to find him a partner. Of course the human agreed so he set out to find an animal who dreamed of winning a cross country race just as Tim does. He came across a Frog named Freddy, an expert in map reading. After the two were introduced they became good friends and started on their plans for the race. They agreed that Freddy would be the best choice to navigate do to his map reading background. When they split up Tim set out to find a good car while Freddy mapped out the fastest route. Tim found the perfect car, an old chrome red Fairlane 500 and prepared it for the race. The starting line was on a dirt road. When the race started they sped out to the local farms but they ran into a major problem, they forgot to fill up the gas tank! After sitting around for a while the saw a dog out in the distance. The two ran out to ask it for its help. They introduced themselves to the dog known as Chester. Once they explained their problem Chester agreed to help out, he ran off into the distance to get the farmer. Ten minutes past when Freddy and Tim finally spotted Chester and the farmer riding on a giant machine. The framer took a hose and connected it to the giant machine then plugged it into the car. All of the sudden the gas gauge went for E all the way to F. The duo was ready to get back on the road. To thank Chester they offered to take him along for the ride. Now back on the road they drove for another five hours when they saw their destination out in the distance. It was not smooth sailing from there though they ran into yet another problem Chester, using his super nose, smelled a crash in the distance. By thinking on their feet they were able to reroute and finish the race. They were greeted by a police officer who was congratulating them. They asked why they were being congratulated because they thought they had lost. The police officer told them that they were wrong and that they had actually won. They became the happiest animals in the world and lived happily ever after.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) EAWB (5) hummingcrow

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