Five Card Story: Choose the right path

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I am sitting in the class and I am trying to listen my teacher. He is very interested in his job. He really enjoys it. Every day he is telling us you guys are young so take advantage of your opportunites and choose the right path. But my head is still in the clouds and I am thinking about my last vacation in the north europe. I had been in Findland and I saw so many lakes. Well Finlad`s name is country of thousands lakes. I would like to be diver but my father wants to I become a layer as him. I do not what I should tell him. Right that I do not want to be layer? I do not want to dissapoint him. His father/my grandfather\ was also layer. It is almost familiar tradition. Ten years leater...Why I did not listen my father. I had left my high school and tryied to find job without any special education. Now I do not have any education and I serve in US army and I try to survive every day in a stupid war in Afganistan. This is really not what i wanted. Yesterday I got injure so I hope my goverment allow me to go home. IF they let me go I will study hard and I become layer so my father can be proud on me. It is really difficult to decide about your future when is for you more interesting path in your hair.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) Rachel Smith (4) whistlepunch (5) bionicteaching

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