Five Card Story: My vacation on Scotland

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When I was little, I traveled a lot because my parents liked to visit a different country or city on vacation.
When I was five years old, we traveled to Scotland with my mother, my father and my sister. It was my favorite vacation because the culture was very different.

I remember that we stayed in a traditional Scottish hotel for five days. In hotel all men wore a kilt, it is a Scottish men's skirt, and played the bagpipe.
My father decided to buy a kilt and learned to play the bagpipe.He did not play very well the bagpipe. When he wore the kilt, my mother was embarrassed because my father looked very funny. My sister and I laughed a lot of our father. That day my mother did not leave of the hotel.

In Scotland had many things to do. We rented a car and went to the beach, the beach was very long and lonely. The day was perfect, the sun shined and the sea was calm. We played all day. Near the beach had a forest with very high trees. We climbed but my sister fell and we came back to the hotel.

The other days we toured the city and visited historical sites.

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