Five Card Story: Last existance of happiness

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In the distance,
The mountains look down on the prairies in great sorrow
The winds blow against the dust bowl with agony
The rich and blended mix of blue in the sky,
Still reflects sadness as well as hope

In the distance,
A horse stands out in the bland beige of the prairies
Like the Statue of Liberty at night
I begin to run like a cheetah in the wind
Although my throat is dry like an elephant’s skin
The smile on my face
Is like that of an inverted rainbow

I knock on the door with all my might
As my heart beats with the strength
Of a whale slapping its fin against the wide ocean currents
A man with eyes of olive green and a worn-out face opens the door
Welcomes me like a brother in a potlatch

I am offered a strange fruit
With the overwhelming colour of fresh blood
And thorns as sharp as the end of a bee stinger
He offers me to sit down with his beautiful family
Of two daughters and a son

In the middle,
A wilting, dried-out rose of the prairie’s colour
Sits in a glass vase which inside,
Contains a puddle of water like the size of a rose petal

All of a sudden,
The sound of a match
Fills the emptiness of my heart
The sound of this family singing
Was just absolutely overwhelming
Reminding me of the life that exists
In this alienated interior of the prairie’s
The rich, pleasant and colourful texture of the cake,
Is the last reminder of happiness that will exist,
As we will soon be consumed by the lows of the Depression

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flickr photo credits: (1) hummingcrow (2) bionicteaching (3) Intrepidteacher (4) Serenae (5) Serenae

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