Five Card Story: Let Us Go

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a Five Card Flickr story by Katrina Cotant created May 09 2016, 03:31:03 pm. Create a new one!

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I was walking along the empty streets alone. The pavement of the cemented ground hitting my feet upon it every time I took another step forward. I reached a do not enter sign. I was only 5 years old and didn't know any better to turn around, so I kept on walking forward in the wrong direction. I figured there would be no cars on the road, but one came along side me and scared me half to death. They stopped, and so I stopped. A man came out of the car with a black mask and came after me. I quickly started to run as fast as my little legs would let me, but it wasn't fast enough. The man grabbed hold of me and duck-taped my mouth completely shut. I didn't know what to do! A billion and one thoughts were running through my mind at a billion and one seconds fast. I was only 5 and I didn't know what to do or let alone what to think. I just wanted the man to let me go! Instead, he threw me in the trunk with three other people. They were complete strangers to me and no where near my age. I knew this wasn't good at all. The man drove for hours to an old abandoned building in the woods. It was dark enough to see the tree shadows line the building from the outside, but the inside was worse than I ever could even imagine. We walked in through the door and came to another wall surrounding the entire building on the inside. This wall was made of brick and there was a trap door for us to enter in. As soon as I stepped foot into this place, I saw many people of all ages being taken and put hostage in these disgusting conditions. The place was filthy! All you could see was blood all over the brick walls and the stench was unimaginable! There were cages everywhere and torture weapons used on these innocent people. I couldn't stand for this nonsense! I wanted to leave so bad! All I wanted more than anything in the world was for these bad men to let us go! I could tell my world was going to be turned upside down in an instant, and I was not at all prepared for it...

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