Five Card Story: The Horse, the Frog, and the Cat

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In the fall of 1777, there was a stray cat, a frog, and a runaway horse. One day the cat named Thomas was on a walk to the huge place where all the garbage people put all their trash. He was going there of course because he had been hungry and lived no where. Thomas had been a white cat with blotches of brown all over. He'd arrived there and was eating some of the scraps left over. As he was eating something had jumped from one place to the other. Thomas jumped as high as he possibly could and growled. He was terrified and wondered what in the world could it be for no one ever came to this garbage disposal place.

He slowly walked over to where it had jumped. Thomas moved his paw around in all the junk and saw a frog hiding. He was terrified of frogs and froze in his place. He had no clue what to do and Thomas and the frog just stared at each other.Finally he frog moved and jump on top of Thomas. He was still frozen and the frog spoke to Thomas and told him he wouldn't hurt him. The frog jumped off and stood right in front of him. He told Thomas his name was Fred.

Thomas finally spoke and told Fred his name was Thomas. Thomas told Fred he was a normal cat that had no home and was just here for food. Fred said he was there for the same reason.They sat down and ate together and talked till it was about five in the afternoon. They then needed a place to sleep for the night.They decided they would walk to the cave about two miles away.So they started walking the long walk.It had been about 7 o' clock when they arrived as they had took breaks as they went.

When they arrived they used the leaves as a bed and blankets, and fell asleep. They had snuggled up to each other by the end of the night for they had been freezing. In the middle of the night they heard a loud boom. They both rushed to get up and looked outside to see what the noise had come from.They saw absolutely nothing so they headed back to bed. When they got back to their bed there was a horse in the cave! It was a very beautiful horse it had been a bleach white color and a long mane. The horse had had a muzzle around his mouth.

Thomas, with his paws took the muzzle off. Fred asked what her name was and what she was doing here.The horse replied that her name was Elle and that she was running away from her abusive owner. Thomas and Fred hadn't even noticed the scratches on the horses body. The cuts had been pretty deep and looked new. Elle said she had just ran away. Elle asked them if she could get a break from all the questions. Fred and Thomas agreed.

Fred, Thomas, and Elle all remade their bed and they helped Elle make hers. They slept through the night, all cuddling up to each other for the night had been cold. Thomas was the first up and decided he would go get breakfast for the three of them. He went to the garbage disposal place and grabbed some scraps. Thomas brought back the food and woke the rest of them. All three of them sat there and ate their breakfast quitely.

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