Five Card Story: Thread of My Life

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Blank papers on the wall, gathering all the knowledge I need to know, thoughts I'd never knew that will show the world to me, comparing myself to other children passing by, thinking how to be the best, trying to reach the peak of the mountain full of chaos and competition. I look at my colleague as my greatest competitor, proving my worth amidst the familiar faces, believes on what I know, figuring out what is right and wrong. Journey beyond my limits, seeking for the better me, environment that gives me strength to face the other day, journey all the way up meeting new friends, new neighbor, new behavior.

Being the best, is the number one word come to my mind when talking about lives, socializing is hard for me because when someone approaches me I think they'll need me to do something good for them, but in returns they'll just walk away and let me wait for them to come back. Playing outside is my past time finding new friends, laughing and gagging all day till when it's dawn, saying goodbyes, waiting for the other day to come, excited to play outside again with my friend, going out climb trees, play sand, shooting birds, playing tags. Being with friends is happy until you see your one that got away or so called as "Love of your life that got away".

Meeting her is like the last day of my life, seeing her face completes my day, being with her feels me like I'm better with her forever, showing love every minute, every hour, enjoying time together, going out together, sharing rants, talk all day until when its dark, walk her to their home, saying goodbyes, hug each other, kiss her hands, glancing her when she walk to the door. Cherishing all the moments with her until the day she said goodbye.

I'm lucky like a clover with four leaves, lucky in surviving things in life, passing all the events that change me as a person, I guess I need to know my self better, improve more, have myself a class, class that show how I'm capable of dong things, control my self, set duties, know my responsibilities, let my pass be the pass that helps me improve myself, as time goes by and as people goes by you'll ask your self...did I this the real me?...or maybe did I make myself better or worse?.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) Cyprien (4) Serenae (5) bionicteaching

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