Five Card Story: Plant-Based Diet

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Everyday we have a choice to pick what we want to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks. This can be seen in the first photo due to it looking like a regular meal most people may eat. Many people may believe that it is important to eat a more plant based diet. By eating more of a plant-based diet you will be able to help prevent certain diseases by limiting eating junk food.

Some may say that eating a plant-based diet helps improve your gut and this will be better to help absorb certain nutrients from foods that support your immune system and help reduce inflammation. It is important to continue to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. This can include fresh strawberries like as seen in the second photo. Fiber is also important for our health. It can help lower cholesterol and lower your blood sugar.

Researchers have also found that when eating more of a plant based diet your risk of getting cancer and cardiovascular disease is lowered. A plant-based diet may help prevent type two diabetes as well. Then of course eating a more plant-based diet could help you lose weight. Also, some would say you will be able live longer due to eating more fruits and vegetables due to all of their health benefits. Many researchers provide this information to others by providing evidence which can be seen throughout powerpoint presentations and websites.

Yet, some may believe that they should be able to eat whatever they want whenever they want. Of course some people may be in the mood for something some nights. For example, if you are ever in the mood to drink some pepsi which can be seen in the fourth photo. It is of course fine but we should find a balance between eating healthy and unhealthy foods. By having the pepsi seen as dirty this can represent the bad benefits of drinking more sugaring drinks as an example. Of course some may say that eating more healthy foods may cost more. But then again if you're paying for more healthier foods rather than cheaper items you will be able to prevent possibly in the future having to buy medications. Some may also say that they do not have time to prepare better meals to eat. It is also important to keep in mind that our environment, family, friends, technology, etc influences our decisions on what to eat.

Everyday though, we have the opportunity to try new foods and continue to make better choices for our own health and others. If we start young and get used to eating more fruits and vegetables it will soon become more natural for us to. We will obviously too have a routine and find our own balance of continuing to nourish ourselves. So what would you do? If by changing your diet can help save your health, animals, and the environment.

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