Five Card Story: The Walk

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a Five Card Flickr story by Kendall W created Oct 14 2020, 09:08:23 pm. Create a new one!

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It was an active afternoon in the city. All I could hear was the horns from cars and people walking frantically to get back to work from lunch. My mind was full of thoughts, some I could not dare to believe. I walked for hours until I found this old beaten up house. I found this house very interesting, but I didn't know what made me feel so fascinated by this house. I looked at it for a few minutes and decided to go near the back of the house. Before I got any further I was stopped by a police officer, she had told me “You need to leave sir”. I was confused why , which made me want to learn more. As I walked away I saw a van with the words - Crime Scene Unit- in the middle. I was frightened. Why was there a crime scene here? I tried to forget what I had just seen so I walked down a long path. The path was brown and gold. I felt weird walking down it. The air was quiet and peaceful, something I had not heard in a long time. After the path was finished I came across a gate. Behind this gate were these beautiful sculptures. I had never seen anything like them. They were faces but not human faces more like faces you would draw for fun. A grabbed my phone but before I could take a picture a woman asked me if I wanted a picture of me with these sculptures so I said “Yes. Thank you”. After she took the picture I was happy. I didn't know why but I was. I felt refreshed. Today was a crazy day.

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