Five Card Story: Out of extinction

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On a rainy day, Westchester middle school went on a field trip to the museum. There were forty three students on the bus. On the way to the museum the students saw barrels lined up around the museum that had the word danger on them. All of the students were concerned, but they went into the museum anyway. The museum was all about dinosaurs so all the kids were excited to go mess around on all of the exhibits. All of the students were climbing on top of the dinosaurs when there was a roar over the loudspeaker. Then one of the employees started talking on the loudspeaker, he was gasping for air. He said, “Everyone evacuate now the real dinosaur we had in the basement woke up and broke out of its cage!” All of the students were freaking out and going crazy then all of a sudden they heard these loud bangs coming from around the corner. The dinosaur came sprinting around the corner, chomping on everyone that was in its way. Every kid was just trying to hide from the dinosaur, but what they didn’t know is that it could smell any living thing from a mile away, so nobody was safe. The dinosaur was barging through the exhibits picking up middle schoolers with its hands and throwing them down its mouth. It didn’t even chew them, just swallowed them whole. All of the employees had already been eaten. So the teacher was trying to escort all of the students back to the bus, but they weren't fast enough. The dinosaur broke through the front doors and started chasing the bus. The dinosaur caught up to the bus, picked it up and ate it. Right after the dinosaur ate the bus the national guard showed up and killed the dinosaur. All of the kids that died and the dinosaur were buried in the Westchester graveyard.

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