Five Card Story: The Plane Ride

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It all started the day after Christmas. My family had to fly back home to London after the holidays. This was one of the best vacations of my life, and I was disappointed to go. New York City was amazing in December, but my family boarded a huge plane along with many other people.
As the plane went into the air I felt a strange feeling. I was always scared of flying but I felt like something was actually going to happen to the plane. I only had one sibling, her name was Amaya and she loved flying. My mom was nervous about flying too, but my dad loved it.
It was a sunny day in New York, but as we started to cross the Atlantic, a storm was approaching. It was only a bit of turbulence at first, but a bit turned into a ton. My family along with many other passengers started to worry. The plane was starting to go down and everyone was terrified. The plane crashed into the ocean near an island. The flight attendants and captain helped all passengers onto the island.
The island was disgusting, gross big green bugs were everywhere and no one knew what to do. We couldn’t call for help because there was no service, no more planes would be coming by any time soon because of the storm, and it was raining incredibly hard. There were multiple babies crying, some adults were crying too.
Everyone decided to stick together and explore. We found a big house that somewhat resembled a castle, my parents said it was a chateau. Because it was winter, there was a ton of snow. Beside the house there were some footprints, a sign that someone else was on the island as of recently. We all followed the footprints and we found a town booming with people. We were very quickly able to get help from the local police and they were very kind to let us use one of their planes to get back to London. Then after a ton of airport confusing, my entire family was able to make it back to London safe and sound.

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